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JK Rowling Considered Killing Ron Weasley
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Killing Ron Weasley

Rowling Reveals Her Killing Intention

... I did seriously consider killing Ron...

After a decade of Will She Won't She over the question of whether JK Rowling might kill her most famous invention, Harry Potter, the Wise Witch of fantasy novels has revealed that she did consider putting Ron Weasley six feet under.

Wow. Ron? Spitefulness of course. There it was in the interview. That curious aspect of Rowling again. The odd way she entangles her private world with her literary world.

Revealing in this interview that she had always intended to keep all three central characters in the Potter novels alive till the end, but at a dark point in her own personal journey she did consider doing away with the Ginger wonder - Ron Weasley.

The interview, conducted by the fellow who plays Harry Potter (give me a minute, I'll remember his name any moment now if I really concentrate) grills Rowling on the questions we would all like answered. This is of course the lead up to the release of the DVD of the final instalment of the Potter series, Deathly Hallows Part II.

Radcliffe, that's it. Daniel Radcliffe. Not a bad interviewer actually...


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